Monday, December 29, 2008

GO Listers, OG Listers

Went up to the 'bird with big time GO lister, Cody Dresser of Sexual Chocolate, Blunt Magazine, the color yellow, and OG Summit County fame. Also ran into Snowboarder's Chris "E Tree" Engelsman in the tram line among a bunch of other GO listed Snowbird loc' homeys like Benny Pellegrino, Chris Saydah, and Forrest Shearer. Steep and deep, and the day after the good day. Skeleton Crew for life.Dresser bangs one out off one of the many mini-bumps to be flown off that day.Cody airs frontside out of a sketchy, shallow zone up top.E-Tree.Getting surfy out of the trees? Photo: Dresser.Cody, the original Lime Timer. Cheers.Robot Food alumni, Engelsman nabs a blurry frontside air out of the trees I couldn't figure out how to hit. Photo: Dresser.It was a little scoured and crusty in spots, but we sniffed out some of that blower. Photo: Tree.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jed Under The Gun

Jed Anderson just got inked up for the second time. First he got that CD (Cheese Dicks) on his heel which has since rubbed off, and now he got this little skateboard that he drew up on the inside of his foot, you know so mom can't see it. I wonder if she noticed the upside down cross on the floor mat?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Colorado Crewsade

Here are some pics I recently unearthed off a misty spot on my cluttered desktop form our trip last month to Copper, CO, as seen in Skeleton Crew Teaser #2: Babyback Yardbang. It was real early season. The snow was minimal, the ropes were aplenty, the ski patrol hated us, and it was a really good time.Skeleton Crew GO listers Tyler Verigin, Jarad Hadi, and Louie Paradise at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre just outside of Denver.Louie P.Jav' looking smooth.Cheese Dick No. 1, Jed Anderson and Louie P.I saw Sketchy D lounging at the Denver Intl. Airport en route from Jersey to LA, he showed me some badass pics of him posing by his old school Cadillac back home in Jers'. Dennis is GO listed for sure.
After commissioning a shuttle to take half our luggage up to Copper from Denver, we still piled way too many people and way too much luggage into our Chevy Suburban and were off. Here's certified Skeleton Java Fernandez as we roll by Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Donkeys.Nick Dirks (Bud Man), Jarad, and Tyler flew in from Portland with Java sans sleep. Here on the second leg of the trip, Bud Man is hurting.At an early gas station stop, Jav' said he would pay Jarad $50 to put chili cheese sauce on his mustache for the remainder of our ride up, about an hour and a half. I don't think Jarad ever collected. Sucker.Day two we hit the slopes. It was meager but we had fun. Tyler and Nick.Nick looking fresh in Harrison's newly aquired weed-laden Airhole. Its supposed to be worn on your face but Nick is seen here running it as a du-rag with a natty-dread like thing coming out the Airhole. Nick's always real progressive when it comes to fashion.

Jarad's 21st Pow Day

It was Jarad Hadi's 21st birthday a little over a week ago. Myself (Evan LeFebvre) Nick Dirks, Tyler Verigin, and Jarad headed up to Brighton along with a few other Go listers for the best pow day thus far.
Nick and Jarad psyched and headin' up the Crest Chair.

Nick throws out that stalefish over the gully gap that's right by the smoke cave ... we sessioned both spots for Jarad's Bday. Duh.
Tyler Verigin, nasty double tail.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Skeleton Crew Teaser #3: Carlino

Skeleton Crew Teaser #3: Carlino from Skeleton Crew on Vimeo.

TWS' Video Production Manager, Joe Carlino. Go listed.

Skeleton Crew Teaser #2: Babyback Yardbang

Skeleton Crew Teaser #2: Babyback Yardbang from Skeleton Crew on Vimeo.

Skeleton Colorado pre-season. Jed Anderson, Chris Grenier, Nick Dirks, Louif Paradis, Tyler Verigin, Jarad Hadi, Harrison Gordon. Go-listed.

Skeleton Crew Teaser #1: Water Bombs

Skeleton Crew Teaser #1: Water Bombs from Skeleton Crew on Vimeo.

Nick Dirks and Jarad Hadi. Go listed.