Monday, December 29, 2008

GO Listers, OG Listers

Went up to the 'bird with big time GO lister, Cody Dresser of Sexual Chocolate, Blunt Magazine, the color yellow, and OG Summit County fame. Also ran into Snowboarder's Chris "E Tree" Engelsman in the tram line among a bunch of other GO listed Snowbird loc' homeys like Benny Pellegrino, Chris Saydah, and Forrest Shearer. Steep and deep, and the day after the good day. Skeleton Crew for life.Dresser bangs one out off one of the many mini-bumps to be flown off that day.Cody airs frontside out of a sketchy, shallow zone up top.E-Tree.Getting surfy out of the trees? Photo: Dresser.Cody, the original Lime Timer. Cheers.Robot Food alumni, Engelsman nabs a blurry frontside air out of the trees I couldn't figure out how to hit. Photo: Dresser.It was a little scoured and crusty in spots, but we sniffed out some of that blower. Photo: Tree.

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