Monday, May 18, 2009

Donate to the Cody Rosenthal Recovery Fund

From—On the second day of Superpark 13 in Mammoth one of Snowboarder’s favorite dudes and one of our best friends, Cody Rosenthal got sent way off track hitting the big jump at the bottom of the course. Cody missed the landing almost completely and compressed his L3 vertebrae, leaving him dangerously close to being paralyzed.

The good news is that Cody is going to be ok. He already underwent surgery yesterday, May 10th, which went flawlessly. Cody is recovering well and doing light-years better even just a day later. He’s on his way back (no pun intended) and best believe he’ll be out there overcranking the best methods anyone has ever seen in no time.

The bad news (besides the fact that he broke his f—king back) is that Cody had no health insurance at the time of the injury. Two ambulance rides, an emergency helicopter flight from Mammoth to Reno, and the resulting hospital bills are going to be outrageous—it’s time to step up and help our homey out.

A PayPal account has already been setup for Cody. We understand these are tough times financially, but any amount you are able to donate would be amazing. We’re not asking you to do a lot, just to do what you can—even if it’s just one dollar, Cody really needs your help. Here is the link:

A Facebook page has also been setup where you can leave messages for Cody, which also has the PayPal info. He’s got his computer in the hospital, and I’m sure he’d be stoked to hear from everyone. If you have an account on Facespace, be sure to join the page and invite all your friends. Here is that link:

Thanks in advance to all of you for your help and support; and Cody, get well soon buddy!

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